dddssssDr Oz show, is a health oriented programme that is loved by many across the globe. The fitness and health expert, Dr.Mehmet Oz talks openly about plenty of health products and explains the benefit to the viewers. He recently came up with a show on Garcinia Cambogia benefits and he proclaimed this fruit as a holy path to weight loss. With such positive reviews from fitness freaks, the wonder product guaranteeing a fat free life- garcinia cambogia slim fast, has taken the world by storm.


Before delving further, there are few questions whose answers eager customers want to know first related to the product specification.Slim fast is a weight reduction product that has been launched recently in the market. This product is one hundred percent natural and has the extracts of a tasty fruit called garcinia cambogia which is scientifically referred as HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA). The fine features of this fruit are listed below:

  • This is a tropical fruit which is turns from green to pale yellow when fully ripe. It can be consumed when it becomes ripe
  • The fruit is a berry by classification. Its taste resembles tamarind.
  • This fruit is exported from south East Asia and Indonesia as the climatic condition suits the growth of this fruit.
  • The black or brown fruit rinds are used in making the slim fast medicine.
  • There are no extra added sugar in the slim fast that can cause one to put on weight.
  • The HCA in this fruit helps to make the food filling there by controlling the appetite of the concerned person. One does not feel the tiny hunger pangs when they take the HCA supplement
  • The HCA helps to manage the level of cortisol in human body. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced due to excessive stress in human mind. By restricting stress, one can easily regulate their hormones and thereby reduce fat build up.
  • The HCA in the garcinia cambogia acts as a fat blocker. In human body, fat accumulates under the skin quickly and makes them look plump and round. When one consumes the garcinia cambogia, it does not let the fat cells to be formed and there by stops one from increasing in weight.
  • Mostly cheeks and belly are the locations where fat accumulation starts first. The garcinia cambogia, when consumed on regular basis attacks the fat deposits on one’s belly first and helps them to fight weight gain.
  • Garcinia cambogia increases the serotonin level in human body. This hormone is responsible for the mood fluctuation. As some people eat more when they are excessively happy or sad, this wonder medicine even outs one’s mood and reduces emotional eating habits.
  • Garcinia cambogia slim fastnot just reduces the excessive accumulated fat but also makes people to build lean muscle where there is only muscle mass and not fat. This can help wrestlers and body builders who work hard day and night to build lean muscle with fat free and protein rich diet.


Not one or two, but the slim fast has plenty of good and valuable features in their belt. Last but not the least, this product is completely natural and there are no harmful chemicals, no preservatives or extra additives added to make it taste better.


There are several pros associated with the garcinia cambogia. They are

  • The is a tried, tested and certified product for weight loss
  • This product is available for purchase from many online retailers. Hence one need not run from one shop to another in search of this slim fast.
  • This product does not contain chemical fat thinners.
  • People of any age group, any gender can use this product easily.
  • Along with HCA this product contains adequate amount of Potassium and calcium that balance the body metabolism level.
  • The dosage levels are prescribed clearly on the product instructions.
  • This product can be consumed without doctor’s prescription
  • This is an over the counter medication and can be shipped anywhere across the globe.
  • This product does not drastically reduce weight, but it gradually burns the fat inside the body
  • The garcinia cambogia mixes easily in blood and hence supports healthy lipid level
  • There is no observed side effects with the slim fast.
  • This is used as an anti-obesity agent
  • This works on the overall health of the patient and not just weight loss
  • This improves the glucose metabolism in diabetic patient.
  • To withdraw from garcinia cambogia, one has to stop eating the pill and continue on maintenance diet. There are no withdrawal symptoms with this drug.

The long list of benefits of garcinia cambogia highlight that this drug is specifically designed to help people shed the extra kilos quickly.


With every product that is launched in the market, there are few disadvantages too. But with garcinia cambogia slim fast, the cons are very minimal in number. For example:

  • Based on the body metabolism rate this slimming medicine works faster on some people and slow on some people.
  • One to combine the regular use of slim fast with a healthy diet and also regular exerciseto will maintain their shape on a longer run.

Apart from these small pinch points, there is no big side effects upon using the slim fast on regular basis.


bottleGarcinia Cambogiahas received enormous media attention since 2012 as it created a huge buzz with its weight loss features. There have been several discussions related to its medicinal benefits and many questions raised with respect to its success ratio. As a permanent full stop to all the unsaid speculations, the slim fast has earned a brilliant response from eager customers in the market. People who have used this for a while cannot stop praising this product for even one moment. Many have recommended the same to their friends and relatives who wish to reduce their overweight issues. Medical practitioners too have advised their patients to try the slim fast and reap benefits. The mid meal hunger pangs issue which is the main reason for many to eat junk food, is completely in control with the use of the slim fast. Grumpy faces have turned happy and whooping bellies have turned slim and trim. The verdict is, this is the best product in the market to make one fit, slim and healthy.